Saturday, May 7, 2011

More photos!

Just finished taking some more detailed photos with a real camera rather than my iPhone. Ready for your heart to start beating faster? These are so sweet. The amazing detail that Heather Ross is known for is really captured in the prints. The dark orange/red dandelions are my favorite. I loved them on the soft brushed cotton 6 (?) years ago with Lightning Bugs & Other Mysteries and I love them now on the gorgeous cotton/linen sheeting.

First off my favorite combo, these are all the lighter cotton/linen sheeting.

Best combination!

Could this little birdie on the line be any sweeter?

Love the birdie!

The guitars are pretty small but the detail is great! Love the orange/yellow on the right with the orange dandelions. They are the heavier (but not too heavy) weight cotton/linen.



Dwarves hard at work

and Snow White


There are lots more photos in my Flickr Photostream too. Enjoy!

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